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Mixed Media

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Customizing Monster High Dolls....Part One: Section One- Face Paint Removal

This Year, instead of coming up with a bunch of completely unachievable resolutions, I set out some simple goals. One of these was to make time for more artful pursuits. By this, I meant taking the time to finish up projects and learn/do things I have wanted to do.

This resolution lead to my decision to try my hand at customizing several Monster High dolls. Sounds easy right? Well.....Maybe not as easy as I thought. I scoured the Internet for tutorials and tips. I found some to be really helpful and others to be almost useless. So, I decided to document my journey customizing dolls.

Since I will be working on several dolls at once, you will see a few different faces. For these dolls, I will be doing complete hair repaints and hair reboots.

Supplies Needed for Initial Prep Work (Paint and Hair Removal):

Monster High Doll of your choice

100% Acetone

Cotton Swabs

Cotton Balls

Dish Soap

Paper Towels or Lint Free Cloth

Stove and Small Saucepan (to boil water)

Sharp Scissors

Small Hemostat

Wax Carvers or Similar Tools

Mr. Super Clear UV Cut Flat

Acrylic Paint (to match replacement hair color)

Paint Brush- Flat White Synthetic

misc. containers for paint and water

First, chose the Monster High doll you would like to use. For this section I will be using Getting Ghostly Spectra Vonderguist and an original Ghoulia Yelps.

Gather together your MH doll, cotton swabs, cotton balls, and 100% Acetone.

Secure doll's hair away from face

Now for the fun part! Dip your cotton swab in acetone and begin removing factory paint

Work quickly and switch out your cotton swabs often to avoid smearing paint around. Once you have removed all that you can with the cotton swabs, dip a cotton ball in acetone and go over the entire face.

Once you are happy with your paint removal, give your doll a quick wash under warm water with dish soap.

Here are Spectra and Ghoulia with their paint removed and ready to have their hair done.

Stay Tuned for Part One: Section Two- Head and Hair Removal