Mixed Media

Mixed Media

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bad Hair Day Remedied

Wandering through Michael's with my husband and daughter cackling maniacally while wearing silly hats and having a foam sword fight, I stumbled across the perfect hair for my "Hatter" and, it was on clearance!!! Yippee for me!

Today I finally got around to taking pictures of my "Little Red Riding Hood" doll. I will most likely list her on Etsy this weekend. She is a mixed media doll of paperclay and cloth. Her eyes a grey acrylic, she has synthetic chestnut colored hair, and a light smattering of freckles across her face. Her clothes are made fro vintage kimono fabric and her "riding hood" is made from an upcycled velveteen Levi's jacket. She even is carrying a basket I made from crocheted hemp twine. She is quite a lovely little girl.

This weekend I hope to get more work done on the two dolls I am working on, finish my Spanish assignments and study for my final, and also do a project for work. My fingers are crossed that I can get it all done.

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