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Mixed Media

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's Time for Midterms

Summer quarter goes by so fast. It is already time for midterms. I am jealous of the kids I see in college who take summers off. I guess that as you get older you realize how quickly time goes by.

I have decided that the next two dolls I will make will be for the "Gypsy Challenge" and for ADO's Grimm's Fairytale Challenge. I have until the end of September for both of them so,I won't feel rushed. The Gypsy theme this year is "Magical Gypsy Carnival", and the fabric I recieved for it is beautiful. The fabrics and trims are ones that I probably wouldn't have picked myself and that makes it even more interesting. I have the head sculpted and a picture in my mind so, we will see if it all works out.

The Grimm's Fairytale doll will be a little harder since I have so many favorites. I have always wanted to make a "Hans My Hedgehog" doll but, I don't think I have enough time to bring that one to life. I will make a decision as soon as I finish reading 10 chapters and taking my tests.

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  1. A great start on your gypsy doll. Looking forward to seeing her finished! :)