Mixed Media

Mixed Media

Friday, January 10, 2014

So Many Projects, So Little Time

Besides my dollhouse and Hoffman doll, I have a long list of other projects in the works. What can I say, I love a touch of chaos. Today I decided it's time to clean of my work table and get a few things checked off my list. I have two baby quilts that REALLY need finishing. One is for a dear friends sweet little girl. It is made from pink and gray fabrics primarily from Michael Miller's Zoology line.
The other is for my very own granddaughter, who should be making her entrance into the world any day now. Like my daughter, this quilt is a bit less traditional. It has a super hero theme and is made from several different lines produced by Robert Kaufman.
My goal is to finish piecing these quilts this weekend so they can be finished on the long-arm next week. I guess it's time to put in a movie, load a fresh bobbin, and get cracking!

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